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For Educators

He Pounamu Early Nurture Professional Community

“Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.
The bird that eats of the miro tree, owns the forest. The bird that feasts on knowledge, owns the world.

As a professional community of kaiako, we are blessed to work within a curriculum that supports diversity. We have all been on different journeys and have a lot to bring to teaching. We want to support and share in the journeys of those interested in teaching, those in training and those with a wealth of knowledge to share. This could be through hosting professional development, welcoming student kaiako for placements or supporting local kura with work experience.

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives” – Robert John Meehan

Professional Development

Our vision for professional development held here at He Pounamu Early Nurture will fit within the framework of our curriculum. We hope to inspire kaiako to be critical thinkers, lead by inquiry, and continually reflecting on their practice and effectiveness. This will be a place where everyone is welcome to re-fuel with up to date understanding, kaupapa, knowledge and skills. These may be facilitated by local, national or global leaders who share our passion for quality early childhood education and care.



He Pounamu Early Nurture is committed to supporting and leading workshops with a focus on Te Reo me ngā tikanga Māori. We also envision a varied and creative array of workshops that will be initiated from with our learning and wider community. Through our workshops, we may all share our kete of knowledge, our passions, our craft, our heart.

Nau mai, haere mai ki He Pounamu Early Nurture.


We plan to create networks and engage with agencies, initiatives and community support for our whānau. We hope that this vision will become transparent and effective, creating a safe place to seek help and advice. Through combining the strength and diversity of our community, we believe that we can all be stronger.

He Pounamu early Nurture will also be full of events and gatherings, where relationships can strengthen, support can be shared and anyone can choose to contribute. Example evenings may be around the brazier sharing kōrero, celebrating, sharing skills such as weaving or mosaics, doing mahi, or watching movies… the options are wide, and the voice of the community will lead them.

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Our Research

Taha Hinengaro.

Part of the structure in which He Pounamu evolved within, included a Research Institute, where research would happen within the centre, with theory influencing practice, and practice influencing theory. We are also passionate about including other researchers and leaders in the field of Early Childhood Education, Mental Health, and Social Justice. My particular interest fits within the intersection of a supportive whānau-based approach to ECE, and taha hinengaro (mental health). I am not sure how this looks, or how it will pan out, but this will take shape, or not, as our journey continues. Watch this space x. Arohanui, Lauren.

Research is vital to support change and to underpin policy and decisions. We will provide links to relevant research papers below, that support our kaupapa and research. We begin by fleshing out the idea of a supportive whānau-based approach, and how we might measure our mental well-being. It is a journey of discovery and inquiry, the heart of critical and transformative thinking.

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