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Community is a big part of He Pounamu Early Nurture. We are guided by whanaungatanga, where there is connection and multi-directional interaction within relationships. Whanaungatanga includes, but is not limited to, aroha, manaakitanga and kotahitanga. Whanaungatanga within our learning community leads our kaupapa, which focuses on really knowing the tamariki and whānau, to be able to include, awhi and learn together from our different kete of knowledge. This also leads to shaping our kaupapa to be inclusive and create a culturally responsive environment. Our vision is to be a place where our whānau can experience aroha, friendship and acceptance; but also a place to share and give of themselves at the same time.

Further to this, the wider community is important to us also. Creating networks and connections within the community enriches us, as we are able to contribute outwards, as well as bringing in new knowledge. We will create links and support our local hapū, iwi, marae and kura. We will join local initiatives such as Joy for Generations, Puna Kāinga and Pae tū Mōkai. We will connect to, and love, our wider community.

“Aroha mai, aroha atu.” Love received, love returned.

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Growing Strong Communities

“Tangata ako ana i te Kāinga, te tūranga ki te marae, tau ana.”
A person nurtured in the community contributes strongly to society

Connecting to others through relationships which are built on shared beliefs, interests and passions, allows kotahitanga (working together) towards a common goal. We believe that it is important to be generous of spirit and connect to others through relationships which support difference and diversity of those within our community of learners. As we grow in community, we aspire to create pathways which allow shared understandings, and enrich us all.

Ako is another Māori concept that guides us. Ako is where there is both teaching and learning happening simultaneously. This can occur within whanaungatanga and connection, and it also occurs with a power shift – where there is a sharing of power within the interaction. This is where we are able to grow in understanding of each other, to find a shared meaning, and to both empower and become empowered simultaneously. We believe this supports pathways towards deeper relationships and a wider world view, which may lead to transformational and critical thinkers – advocates, rangatira, and healthier relationships for all.

We support our tamariki and their whānau to be active agents within our community both local and globally. We believe that the small steps they take ripple outwards to impact upon others. Sometimes the steps others take in generosity, impact upon our own whānau and together we move forward with aroha in our hearts.  

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